Atoll Paddle Board Review

Atoll has emerged as a renowned manufacturer of standup paddle boards, pumps, and other SUP accessories. Their mission is to provide SUP boards that are durable and will last for years. The Atoll paddleboards are preferred not only amongst professional paddle boarders but are suitable for beginners as well.


Atoll 11' Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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The Atoll 11’ board is an improved version of the previous board. The company has improved the quality of the board by making it more lightweight and featuring a newer design. This review will cover the features and specifications of the board in detail:

Atoll 11’ Review Summary:

Everyone wants to buy a standup paddle board that is durable, has optimal performance, and is high-quality. There is no point of investing in a paddleboard that does not function well in water. The Atoll 11’ standup paddle board features all the characteristics of a good paddleboard.

With dimensions of 11′ x 32″ x6″, the Atoll 11’ board is made out of PVC, which is very lightweight and durable. Due to this material of construction, the board weighs around forty percent less as compared to the other boards in this category.

The stability and balance of the board are commendable. This board can be used to paddle alone, with a friend and even with your pet dog. There are three color variations, red, green, and light blue, that are available for this paddle board.


The material of construction of this board is laminated double-layered PVC. The amazing characteristics of this material are the fact that it is lightweight as well as durable. The board feels stiff like a hardboard but doesn’t weigh as much.

The board weighs merely nineteen pounds, which makes it one of the lightest paddleboards available in the market. The board also features the US fin box to add to the convenience and versatility of the paddle board.


Traction Pad:

There is a comfortable traction pad on the top of the Atoll 11’ SUP board. The traction pad features the company’s logo and a diamond texture that makes it easier to stand on the board. The middle of the board contains a carry handle made of neoprene so that the board can be carried around with ease.

Storage Options:

There is a bungee cord storage on the nose of the Atoll 11’ board. 6 D-rings are also there so you can use it to tie your luggage. There is another grab handle at the tail of the board that can be used to remove the board from the water.


The board has two fixed and one removable fin. The fixed fins are attached at the bottom of the board and increase the tracking quality of the board. The removable fin is towards the center of the board. Overall, the Atoll 11’ board features an appealing design and is a board that performs well.

Accessory Pack:

The Atoll 11’ stand up paddle board comes with a comprehensive set of accessories. This means that the users do not need to buy anything separately. The board comes with a convenient carry bag that can be used to store the bag and also carry it around when needed. The bag also features a storage space on the front side. The bungee cords on the front of the bag can be used to increase the storage space as desired. The bag also features a mesh that allows for ventilation and helps to dry the board quickly.

A nylon blade paddle, BRAVO SUP hand pump to inflate the board, and a ten-inch long safety leash are also included in the accessory pack.


The company has full confidence and a firm belief in the quality of the board. The board comes with a warranty period of two years, during which the manufacturer takes full responsibility for any defect in the manufacturing or craftsmanship of the board.

Availability And Purchase:

There are many sellers and stores that sell the Atoll 11’ stand up paddle board, you can buy it directly from the company’s website or from the company on Amazon.
This will guarantee that you get the original stand up paddleboard.

Final Verdict:

All in all, the Atoll 11’ stand up paddleboard is a great choice. It offers a great package as well, which contains everything one needs to get on the water.
The board has great stability and performance, which makes it a popular choice amongst both experienced paddle boarders as well as the people who are new to this sport.

The board is a bit expensive considering its features and specifications. Some of the other boards with similar characteristics are way affordable. But these boards are heavier as compared to the Atoll.

The rigidity of the board is a great feature. Despite being inflatable, the board feels like a hard board, which is very impressive. The two-year warranty is also a great feature that attracts customers and also gives them a peace of mind.


Atoll 11' Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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