Eight Reasons Why Stand Up PaddleBoarding Is Good For Health

Standup paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing and popular water sports around the globe. Standup paddleboarding did not emerge as a sport. Initially, it was a way to teach practicing students how to paddle board. However, quite rapidly, it emerged into a sport itself.

Whether one does stand up paddleboarding with friends, family members or enjoys alone, It is not only a source of fun and enjoyment but is beneficial  for health as well.

From enhancing stability to reducing stress, it has numerous health benefits for both physical as well as mental health.

Here are seven ways in which standup paddle boarding can be good for your health:

1. No Threat Of Injuries Yet Large Number Of Calories Burnt

One of the reasons why standup paddle boarding is so popular is because of its low impact nature. It is a sport that involves very little risk of serious injuries such as damaged ligaments or tissues, bone fractures or harm to the spinal cord. Therefore, it is perfect for people who refrain from highly adventurous and risky sports.

A commendable aspect about standup paddleboarding is that it is not only risk free itself but can also help heal pain in different parts of the body. Therefore many athletes and sportsmen try standup paddleboarding as a means of recovery. However, it still is a source of burning a large amount of calories. This makes it a perfect and safe choice for people aiming for fitness.

2. Improves Body’s Balance And Stability:

When planning to standup paddle board, the first thing that one needs to work on is balance. Balancing the body on the board is the core aspect when it comes to stand up paddleboarding. Leg strength and core balance are extremely vital for one to be able to stand up straight on the board.

This enhanced balance also plays a role in helping focus in regular activities and everyday chores. Many people use standup paddleboarding as a source to improve their overall balance for other sports like football and horseback riding etc.

3. Source Of Reducing Stress:

Standup paddle boarding is a very exciting and fun sport. Our regular routines and monotonous routines make us very agitated and irritated. Therefore everyone requires a medium of stress relief. Water is known to have a soothing effect on the body. The exercises involved in paddleboarding are also proven to help reduce the levels of stress.

Standup paddleboarding stimulates the production of hormones like serotonin and endorphins which are the body’s natural way of dealing with stress and anxiety.

4. Great For Cardiovascular Health:

Heart diseases are extremely common today. The lack of exercise and busy lifestyles due to which one barely finds time for anything else. It has been found that the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, strokes and even diabetes are reduced by a significant factor amongst people who go standup paddleboarding.

Precisely, standup paddleboarding is a sport that is not only recreational but has a positive impact on one’s overall heart health as well. The increase in the heart rate during standup paddleboarding improves blood circulation throughout the body and thus accelerates the body’s healing process as well.

5. A Complete Body Workout:

Sick of going to the gym to burn some calories and get rid of the extra pounds? Need a sweatproof and exciting way to workout and exercise? Standup paddleboarding is the perfect choice for you. From the core to the legs and even arms, every body part is actively involved in SUP, this makes it a complete body workout.

Whether one wants to lose weight or gain muscle strength and even work on toning the body, there are several different aspects of workout and exercises that are covered in a comprehensive manner through standup paddleboarding.

6. Popular Rehab Activity:

It has already been discussed that standup paddleboarding is a sport that has the lowest injury risk and is known for its healing characteristics, these points make it a popular sport amongst people going through recovery.

One of the reasons why SUP is preferred by most athletes and sportsmen is because it reduces the time of recovery. Since SUP is very gentle on the body, therefore it does not put any stress or pressure on the body. But at the same time, it helps build the body’s strength and stamina. Thus aiding in recovery and helping in healing injuries in an effective manner.

7. Best Way To Meditate:

It is an undeniable fact that standup paddle boarding is not a sport that can be mastered immediately. It is an activity that requires one to control each and every movement of the body. This makes one conscious about every inch of his body. This state of mind is often referred to as “Zen” by psychologists.

This zen can contribute to improve one’s mood, memory and creativity. The time one spends on the board in water is highly meditative and relaxing. The water around you provides a calm and soothing environment and you are in a very relaxed state of mind. There is no better place or way to meditate other than in the water while paddleboarding.

8. Excellent Source Of Vitamin D:

Since stand up paddle boarding is an outdoor sport, therefore, it is obvious that it compels one to spend time out in the sun. Sun is the best source of vitamin D that one can get. Vitamin D is vital for proper brain functioning as well as for calcium absorption and production in the body.


Standup paddleboarding is not a sport that is easy to get used to. It requires persistence and effort. However, considering the benefits of standup paddle boarding for one’s physical and mental health, it can surely be stated that it is one thing one must surely give a try.

There is no need to rush yourself into it. Take your time and get into stand up paddleboarding one step at a time. Bear in mind that the benefits and advantages of SUP for the body are worth all the effort and patience.